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Who could use a Fatal Slot 2 Spd Rune? : summonerswar Like realistically who gets the most mileage out of the above rune? So far the only unit I could think of was Wind MA. SUMMONERS WAR : DRAGONS B10 SPEED TEAM feat Shailoq and ... Verdehile is 193 speed and 14,500 hp, Veremos is 179 speed and 23,500 hp, Bella is 149 speed and 19,000 hp, Shailoq is 150 speed and 15,000 hp (only 30% acc, needs more to make her better ...

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Summoners War Rune Guide (Stats, Locations, & Builds) core guides Oct 04, 2018 . In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about runes. ... for the main stat you are pretty much always looking for a % based main stat on slots 2,3,6 unless you are going for speed in slot 2. TOA TOA-100 Team - Summoners War - mmogosu

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Summoner’s War : Advance Guide – Runes – Kongbakpao because the slot 2 spd/swift then the 4 attack/energy ? why like that i cant understand. Reply. Kevin December 2, ... Summoner’s War : Advance Guide – Runes […] Reply. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel reply. ... Summoners War – World Arena Championship and Limited Edition Merchandise Giveaway. September 5, 2018. Summoners War Runes Guide | GuideScroll Summoners War Runes Guide ... slot 2 spd : 2nd choices for SDD after swift, 1st choices for non-despair CC, 1st choices for SS (if you can get high enough HP) slot 2 hp%: 1st choices for tank. 1st choices for HPDD (except eshir), 1st choices for SS (if you can’t get high enough HP)

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Water Magic Knight (Lapis) - Summoners War Ratings Guide The Water Magic Knight Lapis is an amazing starting water nuker for all in-game areas. However, her poor stats & damage makes her easily replaceable later. Fire Brownie Magician (Draco) - Summoners War Ratings Guide