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Mouseover on either trinket will display a menu of up to 30 trinkets in your bags to swap. Swapping/Using trinkets. Left click a trinket in the menu to equip it to the top trinket slot. Right click a trinket in the menu to equip it to the bottom trinket slot. Left or Right click either trinket to use them. Or make a key binding for either trinket.

Macro wow use slot - EmmanuelSun1's blog Use Trinket Macros | WoW Macros: World of Warcraft Macros World of Warcraft Macros. We provide the most complete macro listing for all class.. Use Trinket in Top Slot: /run UseInventoryItem(“13″) Use Trinket in Bottom Slot: MMORPG Info » Equipment Slots... Wow trinket slot number macro | Fantastic Game on the… Mar 17, · Macro to use Trinket Slot 1? - posted in Off Topic: Im looking to make a macro that will use which ever trinket I have equipped in the first slot (or second - it doesnt matter which) so that I can have each bound to the same hotkey when I switch between them. At the moment Im switching out...

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Creating a DPS Trinket macro. Hello! Welcome to a single, short post that I hope might help one or two folks in getting the most use out of their DPS Trinkets.Just use a plain text editor for copy/pasting macro text.Wow very cool…not quite as good as a PbEM turn but you know, I guess it will do. hehe. Equipment slot | WoWWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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Mage - Burst macro with Icy Veins and both trinkets ... This macro casts Icy Veins, uses the Engineering Gloves and uses the upper trinket. Just typical stuff really, 13 = trinket slot 1 (trinket slot 2 would be /use 14), 10 = your gloves engineering enchant. Macro to help keep trinkets used in battle - General ... So to break this down a bit /use 13 and /use 14 activates the trinkets as they are slots 13 and 14 on the paper doll frame in the character screen. On my warrior I also macro in the buffs that do not require a global cooldown like Berserker Rage and if you have a herbalist you can throw lifeblood in for a minor haste increase as well.

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Updated Clique Guide: Macros and Dual Spec | Murloc Parliament Oct 15, 2010 · Updated Clique Guide: Macros and Dual Spec Posted on October 15, 2010 by Zel October 20, 2010 Last we talked about Clique, I showed you how to use … Trinket Menu : Miscellaneous : World of Warcraft AddOns